Our report in collaboration with BFMTV

Le Châlet Saint Paul opened its doors at the beginning of April on the occasion of our participation in the program Entreprises d’Avenir for BFMTV.


Discover exclusively our history, our values, our vocation with the young talents of tomorrow and our historical suppliers as a wine and spirits merchant in France and abroad.


We are committed to working with our partners, our suppliers and our customers. DIVA Domaines & Distilleries has made French knowledge its identity. We are committed to selecting and supporting the winegrowers and distillers who possess this unique know-how, and to helping wine lovers around the world discover the richness of French wines and spirits.


Thank you to Laurent Noyer, General Manager of DIVA Domaines & Distilleries and Florent Beuchet, owner, as well as to our team for their contribution to this project. But also to the film crews.