April’s new products

Spring and April have arrived with their share of new spirits! Whisky, gin, rum… Discover what’s new in our range.

Koval Rye - Bottled In Bond

Selected by DIVA Domaines & Distilleries


Chicago’s first distillery (Illinois, USA) since the mid 1800’s – relaunched in 2008. Organic spirits – partnerships for grain sourcing with local farmers. Exemplary traceability. Only Single Barrel, all burned – all numbered.


This vintage :


A rare and exclusive expression of KOVAL Rye “Bottled in Bond”: an American standard dating back to 1897 to fight against bad practices in the industry and to guarantee the origin and quality of the product.


– Comes from a single distillery and distilled in a single season

– Aged for at least four years in a federally bonded warehouse

– Bottled at “100% Proof” = 50%. Very limited edition: 210 bottles only. We have selected this vintage among all the barrels for its quality.


Very limited edition: 210 bottles only.
We have selected this vintage among all the barrels for its quality.

Magnum Gin Silent Pool

Silent Pool Gin is handcrafted in South London.


The 24 botanicals are sourced from the distillery’s surroundings and water from the namesake pond (Silent Pool) is drawn upon to make the gin through a unique four-step process: maceration, aromatic gin infusion, infuser basket and rectification.


Everything is done within the four walls of the distillery for this craft and premium gin.


Now available in magnum (1.5 liter).


Beautiful bottle – ideal for window displays, showcases, counters and back bars.

El Dorado

Last distillery in Guyana (English Guiana).


Demerara Distillers has recovered all the original stills from the country’s historic distilleries and launched its official bottling under the name El Dorado.


Single still – Limited series:


The Single Still range is made from unblended rum, a single still among the most mythical of Guyana for each vintage. All vintage 2009:


– Versailles 2009

– Enmore 2009

– Port Mourant 2009


Tropical aging in Guyana for 12 years, ex Bourbon barrels.

Not cold filtered.

No blending.

Reflect the typicity of each terroir and each still.

El Dorado

The Last Casks – Limited series:


Extremely limited editions – the last barrels of historical and recognized blends:


– Tri Canada Port Mourant Enmore 24 Years Old 1998

– Diamond Coffey Tri Canada 24 Years Old 1998

– Diamond Coffey Uitvlugt Aged 22 Years Old 2000


Cask Strength – Not cold filtered.

Aged in ex-bourbon barrels in the tropics of Guyana for 22 and 24 years.

Bottled in Guyana in 2022 as a limited edition


Mythical distillery of the south of Jamaica – one of the oldest of the island.

Known for providing prized blends.


Originally called Clarendon – decided to bottle under its own brand (under the name Monymusk) in 2012.


Molasses rum.

Distilled in a three-column still and a pot still (blend). 

Tropical aging in old bourbon barrels.


Long Pond 18 years

Famous distillery in Jamaica (Trelawny parish) since the 18th century.

Only its second bottling under its own name after last year’s ITP 15 – contains the Long Pond seal of approval.


Previously supplied the trade with prestigious blends.


Molasses rum.

Distilled in 2003 – aged 18 years. 60% ABV – Cask Strength.


Extremely limited series – 52 bottles only for France.

DIVA Domaines & Distilleries has retained the distribution of this distillery, which unveils only small exclusive batches at each release.

Compagnie Des Indes

Compagnie des Indes is an independent bottler of rums created by Florent Beuchet. The rums are authentic and come from all over the world, the objective is that they are representative of their terroirs of origin.


The brand unveils its new vintages!


– Ecuador 8 years: rum from Ecuador. Cultivated since the XVIth century, perfect climate and soil for the culture of the sugar cane. Small quantities, difficult to find.
– Jamaïca 9 years: a land known by connoisseurs for its powerful rums. Secret distillery, blend aged for 9 years.
– Savanna 12 ans : produced on Reunion Island since 1870. Aged in ex-cognac barrels and then ex-bourbon barrels, bottled in cask strength.


Molasses rums.
Single casks – limited series.


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